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Dr. Fiza Riaz MBBS PUHMS Thalassemia is a Greek word, Thalassa means “Sea” and emia or Hema means “blood”. So it is a blood disorder due to a problem in alpha or beta chains of hemoglobin. It is an autosomal recessive, which means if Mother and father are carriers, 25% of offspring will be affected …

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Dr Fiza Riaz MBBS PUMHS It is the most common clinical condition worldwide. (And it is the most important topic for exam purpose and USMLE) So, there are many definitions for anemia like; Anemia is the decreased ability of blood to carry enough oxygen to the body. OR Anemia can be defined as a Hemoglobin …

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Tea The only Halaal addiction
Tea The only Halaal addiction

Tea The only Halaal addiction Dr Aqsa Kiran MBBS PUMHSW After water, the most widely consumed beverage in the world is tea, prepared by the leaves of Camellia Sinensis, an evergreen shrub native to East Asia. Almost all of us love tea. And we all know that tea is one of those beverages which can …

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Blood cp and blood bottels
Blood cp and blood bottels

Blood cp and blood bottels Dr Shaista Chandio Mbbs PUMHSW Complete blood count Complete blood count or blood complete picture (CP) is one of the most frequently requested tests by doctors. A complete blood count test is an easy and simple screening test that evaluates overall health status and detects diseases. Why get tested? CBC …

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Stop judging others
Stop judging others

Stop judging others Dr Arsh-E-Noor DPT PUMHSW This topic may be a bit controversial because I do this you do this we all do this in our daily routine we judge people! What is the judgment? Judgment is a result of your thinking your feelings and your observations When you judge someone it doesn’t tell you …

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Asthma Dr.Nena Kumari lohano Isra University Hyderabad Asthma is a chronic reversible inflammatory disorder of airways that cause an increase hyper-responsiveness that further lead to recurrent episodes of wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness and cough particularly at night or early in the morning    Type of Asthma  Allergic asthma (extrinsic asthma)  Non-allergic (intrinsic asthma)  Mixed asthma …

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Obesity Dr Kanwal Jamali MBBS,PUMHS Obesity is defined as an abnormal growth of adipose tissue due to an enlargement of fat cell size or an increase in the number of cells or a combination of both. Obesity is becoming increased day by day. Two third of the adults are overweight or obese and overweight becoming …

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Sleep Dr Maliha Shabbir MBBS,PUMHS Mental health and sleep Bouts of depression eating your sleeping beauty…! It is an old saying “health is wealth.” It is said centuries ago but it is still true, health is the precious blessing from nature. I was reading a medical article regarding sleep and mental health relationships and surprisingly, …

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Sudden Cardiac Death
Sudden Cardiac Death

Sudden Cardiac Death Dr Aliza Kunbher MBBS,Peoples University of Medical and Health Sciences For Women Sudden cardiac death (SCD) Unexpected death caused by loss of heart function. In a patient with or without known pre-exist heart disease in which the mode and time of death are unexpected. The generally accepted time frame between the onset …

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